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In his address, General Graziano argues that all stakeholders in security and defence must play their part responsibly, in an ever-changing scenario, characterised by old and new unforeseeable threats. General Graziano discusses how the EU will act as a reliable global security provider by enhancing new common defence initiatives and credible CSDP missions and operations, and contribute to protect EU interests.

About the Speaker:

General Claudio Graziano was appointed Chairman of the European Union Military Committee in November 2018. Previously, General Graziano served as Chief of Staff of the Italian Army between 2011-2015 and the Italian Chief of Defence from 2015-2018. His operational deployments include the Command of the Italian contingent on operation UNOMOZ in Mozambique in 1992, of the Kabul Multinational Brigade in 2005-2006, and of UNIFIL from 2007-2010.