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The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted an increased level of cooperation and coordination at EU-level. In her address to the IIEA, Dr Andrea Ammon outlines the role of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, as an EU agency, in responding to the pandemic. Dr Ammon also discusses the developments in surveillance, preparedness, and international cooperation, in the context of an enhanced role for the ECDC. 

About the Speaker: 

Dr Andrea Ammon, MD, MPH, was appointed Director of the ECDC in June 2017. In addition, Dr Ammon previously served as Deputy to the Director and Head of Unit for Resource Management and Coordination. She served as Acting Director of the ECDC from May 2015. Prior to joining the ECDC, Dr Ammon was Head of Department for Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the Robert Koch-Institute in Berlin, where she maintained and further developed the German national surveillance system; coordinated the national outbreak response team for current and emerging infections; and provided scientific advice for government, members of parliament and the public.