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About the speech

The European Union is currently facing several crises, which are undermining the trust the citizens have in European integration and the EU institutions themselves. The European Ombudsman is one of the bridges between the EU institutions and European citizens. At this IIEA event, the European Ombudsman, Emily O’Reilly, reflected on her office’s role in mediating between European citizens and EU institutions in key issues such as the transparency of TTIP negotiations and the fundamental rights of migrants.


About the Speaker:

Emily O’Reilly was elected as the European Ombudsman in July 2013 and took office on 1 October 2013. She was re-elected in December 2014 for a five year mandate. She is an author and former journalist and broadcaster who became Ireland’s first female Ombudsman and Information Commissioner in 2003. A former political editor, broadcaster and author, her career attracted significant domestic and international recognition including a Harvard University Fellowship in 1988 and multiple national awards.