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This is the first presentation of the 2021 lecture series Rethink Energy: Countdown to COP26, which is co-organised by the IIEA and ESB. On this occasion, Glenn Llewellyn, Vice President, Zero-Emission Aircraft at Airbus highlights the factors needed to lay the groundwork for a climate-neutral commercial aircraft. He argues that, in the context of fast-evolving societal and regulatory expectations on sustainable air travel, the aviation industry cannot afford to be left behind. Mr Llewellyn also identifies the main challenges and opportunities at the heart of the industry’s decarbonisation journey and outlines Airbus’ roadmap to reach net zero emissions.

About the Speaker:

Glenn Llewellyn is Vice President, Zero-Emission Aircraft at Airbus. Mr Llewellyn is widely recognised as a premier thought leader on climate strategy for aviation. Today, he is at the helm of a zero-emission revolution at Airbus with the mission to unite all the ingredients needed to launch the world’s first zero-emission commercial aircraft programme, ZEROe. Prior to his current role, Mr Llewellyn spearheaded the research & technology portfolio dedicated to reducing the climate impact of Airbus products. This portfolio included all-electric VTOLs—Vahana and CityAirbus—as well as the hybrid-electric E-Fan X.