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Dr Demesmay and Dr Pütz argued that when Emmanuel Macron was elected as the new President of France, there was great hope that the Franco-German alliance could once again play a leading role in promoting the reforms urgently needed for the future of the EU. They argued that after more than a year, hope has been followed by disillusionment. Dr Demesmay and Dr Pütz discussed issues such as: what should and could be the priorities for Franco-German cooperation; the current difficulties in reaching agreements between Germany and France; and the underlying divergences between both countries.


About the Speakers:

Dr Claire Demesmay has been head of the Franco-German Programme of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) since 2009. Her areas of expertise are the Franco-German relationship, French and German European policy, as well as migration and integration issues. She was awarded the German-French Parliamentary Prize in 2016 for her book Que reste-t-il du couple franco-allemand? (What remains of the Franco-German couple?).

Dr Christine Pütz is a senior policy advisor on the European Union at the Heinrich Boell Foundation. Her interests focus on European democracy, the future of the European Union and the German-French relationship. She is co-editor of the book Frankreich und Deutschland – Bilder über den Nachbarn in Zeiten der Krise (France and Germany – Stereotypes about the neighbour in times of crisis) published in 2016.