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In her keynote address, Emily Mansfield explores how far we can expect Franco-German cooperation to go, in the context of the Gilets Jaunes protests and the national debate in France, and Angela Merkel’s last term in Germany. The renewal of a landmark friendship treaty between France and Germany raised hopes of a closer partnership at the heart of the Eurozone. Ms Mansfield argues that on issues such as industrial policy and protectionism, the French and German positions are indeed moving closer together. However, in her view there remains significant differences of opinion on many other questions, from reforming the Eurozone to defence policy.

About the Speaker:

Emily Mansfield is the lead analyst for France and Germany at The Economist Intelligence Unit, covering politics and economics as well as sovereign and operational risk. She is also the Director of the Country Forecast product portfolio, which includes a business environment index for 82 countries and a long-term economic forecast to 2050. Emily Mansfield studied at Birkbeck, University of London and the University of Cambridge.