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Ronan Tynan, award winning filmmaker and co-founder of Esperanza Productions will talk about the making of ‘Syria – The Impossible Revolution’ which renowned war photographer Paul Conroy described as ‘the best film on the history on the war in Syria’. The event will begin at 6.30p.m. on Thursday, 24 May, 2018 at the IIEA, 8 North Great George’s Street, Dublin 1. As always, the event will kick off with some drinks and snacks, giving our members an opportunity to meet and catch up. This event is open to all members of the IIEA’s Young Professionals’ Network.

About the Speaker:

Ronan Tynan co-founded Esperanza Productions with multi award winning journalist, broadcaster and filmmaker Anne Daly. Their work, from their first documentary together in Rwanda about the genocide in 1995 to their latest ‘Syria – The Impossible Revolution’, aims to shine a light on human rights abuses across the world. In addition to their international work, their film ‘When Happiness is a Place for Your Child’ looks at the struggles Irish parents face when seeking basic rights like education for their children with learning disabilities, and won the Television Broadcasting Award in 1996.