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In an increasingly multipolar world, the debate over the strategic autonomy of the EU has been given fresh impetus. In his address to the IIEA, Mr. Cloos discusses the past, present and future of the concept of strategic autonomy and what it means for the EU. Mr. Cloos also examines how strategic autonomy can be pursued and what it would entail for the EU. He argues that it is vital for the EU to better understand it potential strengths in this regard, as well as its perceived weaknesses.

About the Speakers:  

Jim Cloos was appointed Secretary-General of TEPSA in 2021, following an influential career in the European institutions, serving as Deputy Director General for General and Institutional Affairs at the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU. He previously served as Director for Transatlantic Relations, Human Rights and Counter Terrorism with the Council of the EU, as well as Head of Cabinet for the President of the European Commission, and of the EU Commissioner for Agriculture. He joined the Luxembourgish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1981, serving in Bonn and Brussels, including as Luxembourg’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU, and played an active role in drafting the Maastricht Treaty.