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About the Speaker:

In addition to his role as Executive Vice President of the IAI, Mr Greco also heads the IAI’s foreign policy programme. He previously served as Director of the IAI from 2008 to 2017. Mr Greco was a visiting fellow at the Brookings Institution from January 2006 to July 2007 and worked as a correspondent for the Economist Intelligence Unit from 2000 to 2006. He is the author of a number of publications on the EU’s institutions and foreign policy, transatlantic relations and the Balkans.

As part of the IIEA’s Future of the EU27 Project, which is supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this event was open to the public.


About the Speech:

Support for the EU in Italy is amongst the lowest of any EU Member State and Eurosceptic political movements have steadily gained popularity across the country. In his address to the IIEA, Ettore Greco discussed these trends by outlining Italy’s policy priorities and interests – with particular focus on economic and migration policy, the evolution of public sentiment towards the EU, and the potential impact of next year’s parliamentary elections on Italy’s EU policies.


This event was part of the IIEA Future of the EU27 project, supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.