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Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here.

About the Speech:

The recognition of the transformative power of urbanisation as an engine for sustainable development is a historical paradigm shift initiated by Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. Dr Clos argued that cities provide a unique opportunity to effectively address many of our problems today: social inequality, economic development, climate change and resilience to natural and man-made disasters. At this critical junction in our global history, innovative solutions are required to meet the most pressing challenges faced by our cities. The New Urban Agenda is an action-oriented plan which sets global standards for sustainable urban development, rethinking the way we build, manage, and live in cities, contributing to prosperity, employments and development.

This event was the opening address of the 2017 Development Matters lecture series, which the IIEA is co-hosting with Irish Aid.


About the Speaker:

Born in Barcelona, Dr Joan Clos is a medical doctor with a distinguished career in public service and diplomacy. He was twice elected Mayor of Barcelona during the years 1997-2006. He was also the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain from 2006-2008. Prior to joining the United Nations in 2010 as Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN-Habitat, he served as Spanish ambassador to Turkey and Azerbaijan. He served also as the Secretary-General of the Third UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III, in Quito, Ecuador.


Image UN Photo/Rick Bajornas