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In his address, Lord Adonis notes that Brexit represents a resurgence of English nationalism and an attempt to ‘finish the Thatcher revolution’. He further argues that Brexit is against Britain’s long term strategic and economic interests, and is particularly detrimental to British-Irish relations. Lord Adonis discusses why Brexit is happening, why it has stalled, and why it can still be stopped.

About the Speaker:

Lord Andrew Adonis is a Labour politician and member of the House of Lords. He has been a leading campaigner for continued UK membership of the EU, as well as for a People’s Vote. Lord Adonis served as a member of the Labour government between 2005 and 2010, including as Secretary of State for Transport and Parliamentary Undersecretary for Education and Skills. Following this, Lord Adonis was director of the Institute for Government from 2010-2012 and was also the founding chair of the National Infrastructure Commission.