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The regulation of the data economy is growing in importance, and given Ireland is home to a number of global technology companies, so too is the importance of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission. Within this context, we’re delighted to welcome Jennifer who gives us some insight into the Data Protection Commission’s varied and wide-ranging work. She explains how that work has a significant EU and international dimension, and also highlight some areas of current focus for the DPC. Jennifer also takes a look back at the first year of regulating under the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, and look ahead to what’s on the horizon for the DPC.

About the Speaker:

Jennifer O’Sullivan is a Deputy Commissioner at the DPC. She currently leads the DPC’s international-facing activities, in the context of the DPC’s increasingly prominent role at an EU and global level. She is also developing the DPC’s new five-year Regulatory Strategy, which is re-examining the DPC’s mission and role, strategic priorities, outcomes and outputs that the DPC seeks to achieve, and how to deliver them. In addition, she oversees the ongoing operational change programme at the DPC, in the context of the DPC’s broader remit and enhanced powers under the General Data Protection Regulation, and the five-fold increase in the organisation’s size over recent years.