Banking Union – Progress and Prospects


In this updated version of the IIEA’s October 2014 book, Pat McArdle, Chair of the IIEA’s Economists Group and Banking Union Group, describes the genesis of the Banking Union proposals in the context of the 2008 finanical crisis; explains Europe’s system of pan-euro area bank supervision and resolution; and assesses the prospects of the Banking Union as it stands.

The IIEA is grateful to Bank of Ireland, AIB, Ulster Bank, KPMG and Deloitte, whose support made this report possible.

This book was formally launched at the IIEA on 27 November 2015, at the event Reforming Europe’s Financial Sector: Progress and Prospects, with speakers including Pat McArdle, Chair of the IIEA’s Banking Union project; Baroness Sharon Bowles, Former Chair of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee; and Niall Bohan, Head of Unit for Capital Markets Union, of the European Commission.