Germany & Russia: A Difficult Partnership


Relations between Germany and Russia stretch back over a thousand years. Through the years, these near neighbours have had a complex relationship – one that is currently fraught, as Germany, with her partners, attempts to resolve the Ukraine crisis. In this paper, Pádraig Murphy contextualises the current tensions between these two nations by analysing the historical development of the relationship from the Middle Ages to the current relationship between Chancellor Merkel and President Putin.

Pádraig Murphy is the Chair of the IIEA Foreign Policy Group. He is also a member of the IIEA Germany Group, which focuses on Germany’s role in the European integration process and on the impact of Germany’s European and foreign policies on the European Union. During a distinguished career in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Pádraig Murphy served as Ambassador in Germany, the USSR, Japan and Spain among other countries, and also served as Political Director of the Department.