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In her address, Ms Brill discussed how the modern concept of “privacy” has shifted and people no longer focus on privacy as “the right of seclusion”. Instead, Ms Brill argued that people want the right to engage and be empowered to control their personal data. Ms Brill contended that the GDPR captures this truth and will explore how, as policy makers continue to press forward to modernise privacy laws, they can empower consumers to control their data while promoting interoperable frameworks that enable businesses to operate globally


About the Speaker:

Julie Brill joined Microsoft to lead privacy, data protection and other regulatory issues as head of its Privacy and Regulatory Affairs Group and as Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Privacy and Regulatory Affairs. Ms Brill is recognised in the United States and around the world as one of the foremost leaders on privacy, data protection and cybersecurity law and policy. From 2010 to 2016, Ms Brill was the Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and later to co-lead the Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice Group at Hogan Lovells, a leading global law firm. Ms Brill previously served as senior Deputy Attorney General and Chief of Consumer Protection and Antitrust for the state of North Carolina and as Assistant Attorney General for Consumer Protection and Antitrust for the state of Vermont.