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Together with the IIEA, the Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish embassies hosted a seminar on Women in the Armed Forces. Director General Kjersti Klæboe, Second Lieutenant Emma Möller, Major Inka Niskanen and Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett presented their respective countries defence policies and practices. The panel discussion focused on what needs to be done to increase the number of women in the armed forces and whether women should get the chance to serve in all branches of the armed forces. The seminar analysed how a higher female ratio can strengthen the armed forces and explore the issue of diversity.


About the Speakers:

  • Vice-Admiral Mark Mellett is the Chief of Defence of the Irish Defence Forces and is the first naval officer in the history of the Irish State to serve as Chief of Defence, having previously served as Deputy Chief of Defence and Chief of Navy.
  • Kjersti Klæboe is the Director General of The Department of Competence and Joint Legal Services in the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.
  • Inka Niskanen is a Major in the Finnish Air Force.
  • Emma Möller is a Second Lieutenant in the Swedish Air Force.