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Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcast for this event here.


About the Speech:

In his speech, Marc Giacomini focused on the role of the European External Action Service in mitigating challenges of migration and asylum and discussed how the European Union needs to work with its African partners to prevent both push and pull factors for migrants. Mr Giacomini argued that the EU migration policy has been delivering upon its aims thanks to the partnership approach that it has taken with African governments and its investment in sustainable development. Mr Giacomini also discussed how the EEAS ensures that all of their objectives are done with the utmost respect for the rights of all migrants and ensures that international conventions are upheld.

About the Speaker:

In February 2016, Marc Giacomini was appointed Deputy Managing Director for Human Rights, Global and Multilateral Affairs at the European External Action Service. Previously, Mr Giacomini had worked for many years in foreign affairs. Most recently, he was Ambassador at large for Reconstruction and Development dealing, in particular, with post-crisis situations. He has also held various positions in French Embassies including: First Secretary in Italy (1990-1993); First Secretary and Second Counsellor in the Permanent Representation to the EU (1993-1997); Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN & IOs in Geneva (2003- 2006), and Ambassador to Chile (2011-2016). In Paris, he was Assistant Director of Economic Affairs (1997-2000) and Deputy Director (2006-2011) at the Directorate for the United Nations and International Organisations; and Head of International Affairs at the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment (2000-2003).