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Trafficking in Human Beings: Reflections on Current Trends and Challenges

By 27th April 2016July 5th, 2018No Comments

Podcast: Download the keynote audio podcast from this event here. Download the Q&A audio podcast from this event here.

About the Speech:

In her speech, the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, Dr Myria Vassiliadou, presented the EU legal and policy framework in this policy area and addressed the challenges and achievements in the field of anti-trafficking. The EU considers trafficking in human beings to be a serious form of organised crime and a severe violation of fundamental rights. Dr Vassiliadou further addressed the main driving forces behind trafficking in human beings and the manner in which the European Commission is dealing them. She elaborated on current trends and challenges as well as the importance of focusing on the rights of victims of trafficking in human beings, especially in the context of today’s humanitarian crises.

  About the Speaker:   Dr Vassiliadou is the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, based in the European Commission.  Dr Vassiliadou previously served as Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby, the largest network of women’s associations across the EU. She also worked in the European Commission as a Detached National Expert in DG Research. She was a founding member of the think tank Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies and served as its Director for seven years and subsequently as the Chair of the Board of Administration. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK and has been a Research Fellow at the Solomon Asch Centre for Study of Ethno-political conflict, at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked extensively in the area of fundamental rights, as these relate to questions of trafficking in human beings, gender, migration, ethno-political conflict, and the media. She has been published in several books and journals, conducted workshops and seminars, and has been actively involved in various think tanks, EU wide research projects and both national and international non-governmental organisations.