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About the Speech:

According to Professor Filiu, Daech is the most powerful and best-armed terror organisation in history. It currently controls a territory as large as the UK, where more than 30,000 foreign jihadis have already joined local fighters and their self-proclaimed “caliph”. Affiliate branches have pledged allegiance to Daech all over Africa and Asia, while a devastating string of attacks has struck worldwide targets, from San Bernardino to Istanbul. In his address he argued that Europe has already paid a terrible price, with Paris experiencing its most devastating attacks since the Second World War, and discussed possible approaches to this challenge.

About the Speaker:

Jean-Pierre Filiu, historian and arabist, is Professor of Middle East Studies at Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs. From 1988 to 2006, Professor Filiu served in a number of positions in the French diplomatic service and, on different occasions, acted as adviser to the French Prime Minister, the Minister of Defence and the Minister of the Interior. In 2012, President Hollande appointed him to the draft committee on the White Book for Defence and National Security. His acclaimed works and articles about contemporary Islam and the Arab world have been published in a dozen languages.