Digital Blog


3rd June 2021

Mapping the European Union’s Digital Agenda for 2021

This blog outlines the European Union’s digital agenda for 2021.
28th November 2019

Disinformation in the Digital Age: the need to regulate

This blog examines the threat that disinformation poses to democracies in the digital age and explores the regulatory measures under discussion at a global, European and national level. 
5th November 2019

Cybersecurity in the age of 5G technology: the EU’s response

An overview of the EU’s response to the cybersecurity risks posed by non-EU telecom equipment suppliers such as Huawei and an exploration of the potential geopolitical implications of this response.
9th October 2019

Evolving Hybrid Threats: Charting a New Course for Security

Half-way through its rotating six-month term in 2019, the Finnish Presidency has advanced a more strategic discussion on the future of European defence and digital disruption in the field.
3rd July 2019

An EU Approach to AI: from Ethics Guidelines to Policy and Investment Recommendations

The EU’s High-Level Expert Group on AI (AI HLEG) has published its policy and investment recommendations for Trustworthy AI. This blog outlines the recommendations and reflects on how they fit into the EU’s approach to AI.