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11th November 2019

Mapping Threats and Models: An Irish Review

While our EU partners face real and present threats, we in Ireland primarily face threats, other than domestic terrorism, that are not readily apparent.
11th November 2019

The Geostrategic Challenge and the Small State: An Austrian Perspective

Close cooperation and the integration of state efforts are inevitable and necessary. Viewed against global trends and challenges, all states in Europe are small.
11th November 2019

Balancing Weights: A view from the Baltics

The broader regional and global security environment is in flux and the transatlantic framework for Baltic security is under immense pressure.
15th May 2019

The “Specific Character” of Ireland’s Security and Defence Policy: Reflections on Neutrality

This paper for the IIEA, Patrick Keatinge, Co-Chair of the IIEA’s Security and Defence Group and Professor Emeritus at Trinity College Dublin, examines how Ireland’s Security and Defence Policy has evolved; how it is reflected in Ireland’s response to the main security challenges; and how it is understood in public debate today.
19th April 2018

Criminal Evidence on the Internet

Which country has the authority to investigate crimes committed with the use of the internet where the evidence is located in different states?