Brexit Brief 43

IIEA22nd June 20181min
Issue 43 of the IIEA Brexit Brief notes the current state of play in the Brexit talks and collates relevant news from Ireland, the UK and the rest of the EU.

Issue 43 of the IIEA Brexit Brief can be downloaded here.

Less than three weeks away from the 28-29 June European Council summit,

the UK Government produced a paper proposing its version of the ‘backstop’ for Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, divisions within the UK Conservative party, and between the House of Commons and the Lords, have dominated the headlines again, as the UK Government sought to push through its EU Withdrawal Bill.

Brexit Brief, published by the IIEA’s UK Project Group, covers developments in the on-going debate over the UK’s vote to Leave the European Union. It is part of a wider communications programme, which will be highlighted on the Institute’s website.