December 2017

Mark Dempsey13th April 20211min

In December 2017, a wide range of UNSC members and incoming members, including France, Italy, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Peru, Germany, the Maldives and Morocco co-organised an Arria formula meeting on the topic of “Preparing for security implications of rising temperatures”. The former Foreign Minister of the Netherlands and the President of the Center for Climate and Security, a Washington D.C. think tank, were among the briefers.

  • Arria-formula meetings are informal meetings convened at the initiative of a member or members of the Security Council in order to hear the views of individuals, organisations or institutions on matters within the competence of the Security Council. While the purpose for holding Arria-formula meetings has evolved over the years, they are frequently used to hear from civil-society briefers where there is no UNSC agreement to include civil-society briefers in a formal meeting.