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In her address to the IIEA, which coincides with the launch of the OECD Ireland Economic Survey 2020, Laurence Boone argues that rethinking fiscal policy and acting vigorously to address the challenges raised by digitalisation, climate change and persistent inequalities all have the potential to lift global investment and living standards. She also contends that Irish policymakers must continue to encourage investment in complementary skills and revisit policy settings in areas such as competition and the labour market.

About the Speaker:
Laurence Boone is the OECD Chief Economist and serves as the OECD Representative at the Deputies’ meetings of the G20 Finance Track. Previously, she was Chief Economist at AXA Group. Dr Boone is a member of the Strategic Committee of Agence France Trésor, the Cercle des Economistes as well as of SDA Bocconi.