Financing the Green New Deal

IIEA3rd May 20191min
Ann Pettifor argues that only with progressive, collective, Europe-wide alliances can we tackle the linked threats of climate change, financial crises, and far-right authoritarianism.

The Green New Deal is a concept which combines the socio-economic policies of the 1930s New Deal with investment in sustainable infrastructure. Ms Pettifor argues that, to tackle cross-border threats of systemic financial crises and climate change, we must move away from the post-war model of remote, globalised market forces. Instead, we should take concrete actions that promote investment in sustainable infrastructure, provide employment, and ensure prosperity for all. Ms Pettifor has repeatedly advocated for this ‘Green New Deal’, and it has recently gained traction in both Europe and the United States.

About the Speaker:

Ann Pettifor is a Council member of the Progressive Economy Forum and Director of PRIME economics, a network of Keynesian macroeconomists. In 2015 she was appointed to the Labour Party’s Economic Advisory Committee. She co-authored The Green New Deal (2008), and has written The Coming First World Debt Crisis (2006) and The Production of Money (2017). In 2018 the Heinrich Boll Foundation and the City of Bremen awarded her the Hannah Arendt Prize.