Living in Cyberspace: The Social, Legal, Business and Political Implications for Ireland

IIEA15th February 20191min
Professor Mary Aiken discusses the opportunities and threats associated with the cyber ecosystem, and the real world impact of cyber activities.

In her address, based on a recently commissioned study for the European Investment Bank’s ‘Big Ideas’ series, Professor Aiken highlights the opportunities and threats that are associated with the cyber ecosystem and its impact upon human behaviour. In particular, Professor Aiken examines the real world consequences of these cyber activities.

About the Speaker:

Professor Mary Aiken is a cyberpsychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor at University College Dublin. She is an Academic Advisor (Psychology) to Europol’s European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3); a lecturer in Criminology and Research Fellow at the School of Law at Middlesex University; and a Fellow of the Wilson Center, a leading US think tank.