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Since the Lisbon Treaty came into force, the European Parliament has greater power and responsibility as co-legislator and has asserted its role as the only directly elected institution in the EU. On the eve of the next European elections, Ms McGuinness explores how the new political composition of the Parliament might affect its ability to function as an effective legislator. In particular, she examines whether the European Parliament will be able to work more effectively with national parliaments, or whether the desire of some to ‘take back control’ will slow important legislative work on issues like climate change, artificial intelligence, migration and security.

About the Speaker:

Mairead McGuinness is First Vice-President of the European Parliament and represents the Midlands-North West constituency. Ms McGuinness was first elected to the Parliament in 2004 and is now in her third term. In her role as First Vice-President, Ms McGuinness oversees relations with national parliaments. Ms McGuinness is a member of the Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee, the committee with responsibility for overseeing the Brexit process, the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and the Environment, Food Safety and Public Health Committee.