Emerging Voices – A Future of Europe Anthology

The IIEA Emerging Voices group brings together a diverse group of emerging leaders, from a range of different backgrounds. Since 2018 the group has met on a monthly basis to share their views on Ireland’s place in the future of the EU and to further their understanding of European affairs.

This anthology will engage a wide variety of readers; the multitude of topics covered demonstrates the breadth and depth of knowledge of the group from climate change, migration, social policy, economics, and citizen engagement, offering a fresh outlook and an opportunity to consider some of the most important issues facing Ireland and the EU today.

Citizen Engagement and the European Union

Clodagh Bergin

Out of the Harbour’s Mouth: The Common Fisheries Policy and Brexit

Ciarán O’Driscoll

What Future for Social Europe?

Ursula Quill

Our Gallant Allies in Europe”
Irish Diplomacy in a
post-Brexit EU?

Aaron Burnett

Placing Citizens at the Heart of Policy Making: Fair Climate Action

Brian Denvir

“The Court is not for turning” Citizen Access to the Court of Justice of the European Union

Anne Fitzpatrick

“A Stake in the Outcome?”
External Voting Rights for Irish Citizens

Conor O’Neill

GDPR: What now for the Future of Personal Data?

Anna Nichols

Re-imagining the African Continental Free Trade Area and the Future of the EU-Africa Partnership

Chinedum Muotto

The Case for a European Mortgage Market

David Higgins

Possibilities for a ‘Just Transition’ for Agriculture

Nadia Reeves Long

Why Ireland should include Socio-Economic Status in Equality Legislation

Paul McKeown

Greening the Future: Policy Options for Greener Cities

Paul Kilgarriff

EU Counter-terrorism Policy after 2015

Christine Andreeva

Opportunities for Ireland in Climate Change Leadership

Eimhin McEvoy

Can the EU become a Global Leader in Technology Regulation?

Róisín Costello

Money Matters: Who Issues Money?

Simon Twist

Building Inclusive Societies

William Quill